Am I Ready For A Local Student Rental?

Are You Ready To Move Into Student Housing?

Unsure if you’re ready to move into student housing? Here are some great questions to ask yourself about student housing. Before you do however, you should decide to end your hunt to buy. Many parents think buying a house in the city their child will go away to school for would be a great investment. The first and most difficult scenario is to find houses for sale in the neighboring areas. Doing that alone might not be worth the headache – read on if you agree!

• Am I able to get back and forth from your housing to school? You don’t have to drive; you may be able to bike, carpool or ride the bus; it’s just important to have the option to get back and forth to school. Be leery of relying only on a carpool to get places — if you and your ride don’t get along, or your ride is sick, this could be bad.

• Am I able to cook? You don’t have to be a 5-star chef, but having a good idea of how to do budget-friendly cooking will help.

off campus house
• Am I able to pay the rent, and pay bills steadily? This is huge, as you don’t want to risk getting kicked out.

• Do I need any assistance getting ready to move out? If so, be sure to answer this question in advance. Local student rentals fill up quickly, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to book in advance.

If you’re able to do all of the following, you should consider moving to off-campus housing. There are numerous off-campus housing opportunities available, so be sure to visit the local Waterloo company and figure out the best options for you!

Article by Dorothy Scott

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